About risk? Did you know ?

4.2 million, is the number of counterfeit items, from online sales, that were seized by French customs for the year 2022 alone! Have you ever wondered: what are the risks of owning a counterfeit item?

In order to enlighten you, here is a list of the main risks involved:

Risk 1: Health and Safety

The product may look completely normal but present significant risks to your safety. In certain cases, and more particularly with regard to counterfeit medicines, cosmetic products, electronic equipment? your health is at stake! On the luxury accessories and clothing market, this risk remains more limited.

Risk 2: Economic

You have simply purchased an item below its genuine value. For the fervent followers of the second hand, it will of course be impossible for you to resell this article legally. Remember: a product sold at an excessively low price (compared to its official value) is necessarily counterfeit! If you happen to be checked for counterfeiting, you will be unable to prove that you are acting in good faith because the price alone should have aroused your suspicions.

Risk 3: Criminal

Checking products when passing through customs is one of the most widely used means of detecting and intercepting counterfeits arriving on French soil. Randomly, the customs services control the luggage at the airport, the vehicles of the motorists who cross the border, the ports and other platforms. In recent years, customs services have also seized non-compliant products ordered on the internet. Finally, their presence on markets and fairs is no longer rare.

In addition to having your counterfeit item(s) confiscated, you may face severe penalties.

Owning a counterfeit is also seen as an act of intellectual property infringement. You may then have to deal with the injured company and risk being punished by the Intellectual Property Code (article L.335-2).

“Yes but I didn't know? »

Have you acquired a counterfeit product without knowing it?

Unfortunately it happens, some products look very close to the originals. However, no excuse is valid. The fact is, you have a counterfeit item, it's illegal. In the eyes of the law there is no distinction between the counterfeiter and the customer. You are in the process of committing an offense of counterfeiting and will be sanctioned in the same way as a voluntary act of buying counterfeiting.

So beware!

Take certain precautions before any purchase, eliminate all possible doubts about your future acquisition. A tempting offer? A luxury wallet at half price? A suspicious merchant website?? Beware! And if you really like the product but doubt arises, call in an expert who will be able to verify the authenticity of your desired item. 

This is exactly the role of the expert which, thanks to its conformity verification service, allows you to reassure yourself of the authenticity of an item and to receive your certificate within 4 to 72 hours. The site also offers you support with the purchase, allowing you to check the advertisements that you spot on the Web and to control the purchased item upon receipt.

And you, have you ever been checked and sanctioned for counterfeiting in the case of a malicious purchase without your knowledge?

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