How to recognize a counterfeit?

Recognize a counterfeit

France is recognized worldwide for the excellence of its craftsmanship and the luxury items that are created there each year. Consequently, it is particularly strongly impacted by the counterfeit market.

Chanel, timeless feminism

At the origin of the French haute couture house, a woman: Gabrielle Chanel known as “Coco Chanel”. The young woman initially opened a hat store in Paris in 1909.

Dior, we love it

Whereas at the time, three meters of fabric was enough to make a dress, now it takes twenty to create a Christian Dior dress.

Gucci, between tradition and modernity

The very first Gucci fashion show was born in 1981, in the city where the brand was born. The revival of the big house took place when Tom Ford became creative director of Gucci in 1994. He instilled in the luxury brand…

Louis Vuitton, French elegance and luxury

Louis Vuitton is the flagship of the LVMH group "Louis Vuitton Moêt Hennessy" and owned by Mr. Bernard Arnault. Thousands of people work to perpetuate this know-how of French Luxury.

Speaking of risk… did you know?

4.2 million is the number of counterfeit items, from online sales, which were seized by French customs for the year 2022 alone! Have you ever wondered: what are the risks of owning a counterfeit item?

Official sites: 6 tips for recognizing them

Some counterfeit sites look like two drops of water to the official sites of major brands.

When you type the keywords of the brand of your choice on the search engines, the first proposals are not always the best…