How to recognize a real Gucci bag?

Recognize a real Gucci bag

Gucci's craftsmanship and aesthetics have won over fashion enthusiasts around the world. Consequently, there are many counterfeit Gucci bags circulating on the web and among unofficial retailers, as the luxury house attracts the envy of the masses. It is therefore essential to ensure that the Gucci bag you want to buy or own is indeed authentic. However, how to recognize a real Gucci bag? The accredited independent laboratory Authentifier verifies the conformity of your Gucci bag.

Hermès bag expertise: spotting a counterfeit bag

Recognizing a counterfeit Hermès bag

All luxury bags are a significant cost to the buyer and Hermès bags are no exception. It is therefore very tempting to browse on a second-hand or second-hand site to unearth the rare pearl: the coveted authentic Hermès bag!
However, how do you know if the Hermès bag seen on a third-party site is an authentic Hermès bag and not a counterfeit? Authentifier's compliance checker helps you spot right from wrong!

How to check Gucci serial number?

Check Gucci serial number

One of the most coveted fashion houses in the world, Italian luxury brand Gucci is often imitated, but always unmatched. If you succumbed to the purchase of a luxury Gucci accessory on a second-hand site, perhaps you now have doubts as to its authenticity?
In order to remove any suspicion of counterfeiting, the accredited independent laboratory Authentifier checks the serial number of your Gucci bag and your other leather goods, jewelry and watches from the house.

How to check the Louis Vuitton serial number?

How to check the Louis Vuitton serial number?

On the strength of worldwide success, Louis Vuitton has aroused the desire of many fashion enthusiasts. Would you like to acquire a Louis Vuitton bag: a shopping bag, a shoulder bag, a clutch, another type of bag from the iconic Monogram range or in another style? Ensure the authenticity of second-hand luxury items by entrusting verification of the Louis Vuitton serial number to an approved authentication laboratory. Unraveling the true from the false will no longer have any secrets for you thanks to the expertise of Authentifier and its compliance checker.

Application to check the authenticity of a bag

Application to check the authenticity of a bag

There are several apps that can help you verify the authenticity of a bag. Because, a counterfeit can be difficult to detect when it has been carefully made in order to deceive the maximum number of potential buyers. Authentifier's conformity checker allows you to verify the authenticity of a second-hand luxury bag. The analysis service takes place 100 % online and guarantees the authenticity of your luxury bag, through a personal certificate of conformity recognized by PayPal. If the article is not yet in your possession, we also analyze the advertisements in order to accompany you in the purchase and protect you from counterfeiting.

How do you know if a Rolex watch is original?

How to tell if a Rolex watch is original

It is possible that you have always longed to treat yourself to a luxury watch, and now you are considering making that wish come true by buying an original Rolex watch. If your budget does not allow you to acquire it in one of the official Rolex boutiques, you could find an authentic Rolex watch on sites specializing in the sale of second-hand luxury watches. However, it is important to verify the authenticity of your second-hand Rolex watch before finalizing your purchase or afterwards to obtain reimbursement for a counterfeit. To this end, a conformity verification service such as Authentifier helps you find out if your Rolex watch is original.

How do you know if a Chanel bag is authentic?

How to know if a Chanel bag is authentic

A symbol of French prestige and refinement, the authentic Chanel bag is a highly acclaimed luxury fashion accessory. However, its outright success attracts the attention of counterfeit specialists, who offer a multitude of counterfeit Chanel bags on the market. We are going to explain to you how to recognize a real Chanel bag. You will therefore quickly find an answer to your question: how to know if a Chanel bag is authentic.

How to recognize a real Burberry bag?

Recognize a real Burberry bag

The history of the Burberry house dates back as far as 1856. It is known for the invention of gabardine, a patented weather-resistant and breathable fabric, notably for its famous check pattern.

How to recognize a real Balenciaga bag?

Recognize a real Balenciaga bag

If you buy a second-hand luxury bag, how do you know if it is a real Balenciaga bag? Authenticate verifies the conformity of your second-hand Balenciaga bag with its approved conformity checker.

How to recognize a real Saint Laurent bag?

Recognize a real Saint Laurent bag

Yves Saint Laurent is a legendary luxury house in France and abroad, today known as Saint Laurent. The brand elegantly combines ready-to-wear, leather goods and luxury accessories.