We don't mess with counterfeiting!

In times of crisis, two diametrically opposed sectors hold their own: second-hand luxury and counterfeiting.

Céline, Kelly, Birkin… More than just first names, the mere mention of them inspires harmonious contours, a silky touch, a smell of leather. In short, the perfect handbag. And I will say even more. It is the friend who will accompany you in your adventures, from morning to evening and sometimes even from evening to morning.

So yes, this friend there must be reliable, solid, resistant to the test of life (and your life above all). Never fail, age beautifully, be your partner for better or for worse. We ask a lot of him but we do not doubt for a moment his qualities...

And yet… As in friendship, we can make bad choices or be deceived. And the return to reality can hurt. At the risk of repeating myself (but we can never say it enough): we don't mess with counterfeiting!

Counterfeiting, a global scourge

“It's the crisis”, we know it only too well, we have been told it again, we are even surprised to use this formula which has unfortunately become too frequent in conversations. In times of crisis, two diametrically opposed sectors hold their own: second-hand luxury and counterfeiting.

One undeniably depends on the other, we let you guess which one...

France is particularly exposed to this scourge because of its world-renowned luxury houses. According to figures from the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry, counterfeiting represents an annual cost of 7 billion euros for the French economy. A significant shortfall.

The counterfeiting of luxury goods concerns the international market. China of course, which alone represents 95% of the world production of counterfeits. Some Eastern and Central European countries as well as the United States and Turkey complete the picture. Africa, victim and actor, plays a dual role of exporter and importer of counterfeits.

Internet: the preferred distribution channel

Markets are popular physical sales sites for selling and selling counterfeit items. This fraudulent activity is carried out in full view and sometimes even becomes a tourist activity that makes a city famous: this is the case of Ventimiglia in Italy, the capital of fakes. But the Internet remains the preferred distribution channel. Contact between a seller and a buyer is easy and quick, counterfeiting actors are freed from many risks... According to a Unifab report on the impact of counterfeiting seen by companies in France, "Internet is designated as the first copy distribution channel, with 40% of votes”.

The consequences of counterfeiting

For 86% des entreprises, the explosion of the counterfeiting market “is partly due to the fact that the consumer is not sufficiently aware of the implications of this traffic”. The buyer, heavily exposed, cannot himself guarantee the authenticity of a supposed luxury item and may incur serious penalties. It is true that brands are acting as best they can against this scourge through various partnerships with online sales sites or banks. Communication and prevention campaigns are disseminated to a wide audience to raise public awareness of this scourge of national and even international interest. But is it enough? Beyond the individual victim of counterfeiting, an entire economy and an industry are hard hit. According to a KPMG study, counterfeiting leads to regular job cuts (38,000 in France). The losses for companies operating in the luxury market are multiple: loss of market share, reduction in the R&D and Marketing budget, loss of notoriety… Counterfeiting has a negative effect on innovation and know-how.

Action reaction

So let's act while there is still time!

Repression, necessary and mandatory but by no means sufficient to deal with this scourge on its own, has seen a strengthening of regulations in 2021. pdraft law no. 4555 aimed at modernizing the fight against counterfeiting has beenRegistered at the Presidency of the National Assembly on October 12, 2021

The brands, on a private basis, have implemented innovative techniques for the traceability and recognition of their articles.

Finally, you, at your level, also have the choice (and some share the duty) to participate in this fight. In your interest and in that, more generally, of our economy and our industry. It is in this perspective that offers you an online authentication service. This service will allow you to verify the authenticity of an item before purchase or to prove the authenticity of an item to support a sale.

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