Authentic Helper

Check the ads for second-hand items spotted on the web. Validate the conformity of the item purchased upon receipt.

Submit ad links.
Receive the scan result.
Negotiate, buy and receive your item.​
Authenticate the item received and obtain a certificate.

Shop safely

Certify the conformity of your articles

Get legal protection

Analyze one or more ads

Multiple response times available.

Emergency Helper

1 support + 1 free

Do you want a quick response before a purchase? The service EMERGENCY Helper is made for you.
Quick response before purchase

Classic Helper Pack

Assistance packs

The Authentic Helper CLASSIC service works by pack of 5, 20, 40 or 60 assists.
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Purchase support service

How it works ?

Submitting ad links
Drop the links of ads you've spotted on second-hand sites into your Authenticate account.
Photo analysis
The photos of the ads submitted are analyzed by our algorithms and by our analysts for a result of unparalleled reliability.
Scan result
Receive 3 possible answers and continue your purchase process accordingly.
Green light : proceed to buy negotiation.
Orange light: ask for additional photos.
Red fire : forget this announcement.
Following our green light
Purchasing and checking the item received

Check the conformity of the item received by sending your own photos. If it doesn't, don't worry. You will receive a certificate of non-compliance which will help you obtain a refund from PayPal.

Attestation of Conformity
Receive a nominative certificate of conformity for the item purchased. This official document will allow you to testify to the conformity of your article.

More than 50 brands analyzed






Little leather shop

fashion jewelry


Choose an assistance package

Buy a pack and use your assists throughout the year. No expiration date.
Choose the package that suits you.
Scan ads when you spot them.
After purchasing an item, if applicable, send us your photos and obtain a nominative certificate of conformity within 24 or 48 hours.

Questions ?

We analyze many luxury brands. You can consult the list.

The only thing you need is to take good quality photos of your item, including different details. Check out our shooting tips.

Payment can be made via Paypal or by credit card on the secure site of our bank.
If you have an ADVANTAGE ACCOUNT your request will be debited from your account.

As soon as the analysis is complete, you will receive an email, as well as an SMS, if you left your mobile phone number. You will receive your certificate later by post.