Our methods of expertise

The assurance of owning or buying compliant second-hand items. Based on the know-how of our experts, our researchers and engineers develop clue detection programs to identify rules of non-compliance in the photos of your items.??

The principle of expertise is as follows

All the photos received in our service are appraised one by one.

The images are processed and analyzed in order to bring out the indices of conformity.
Then, several tests are carried out in order to identify the know-how of the luxury houses.
In view of the results obtained, the program is able to issue a preliminary opinion of compliance.
how to recognize a real Hermès Kelly bag
?Finally, our experts give a final opinion. A certificate of nominative conformity or reasoned non-conformity is issued.
Attestation of Conformity
Authenticate your luxury items with Authentifier

In order to always provide a better quality service,

our research team is constantly developing new algorithms that are even more robust and varied in order to cover more and more products and brands.