Check the authenticity of your second-hand Gucci bag.

Discover our serviceGucci authentication and other luxury brands. Do you have a second-hand Gucci bag and want to have it authenticated? Receive a certificate of compliance in a few hours.
Gucci Authentication

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Gucci Authentication - The Certificate of Conformity

Authentication of Gucci items via your independent and accredited online photo analysis and expertise laboratory.
The benefits of certification
Gucci Certificate of Conformity

How to check the authenticity of your Gucci bag?

Checking the authenticity of a Gucci bag

Take 6 photos of your Gucci bag

For authenticate your Gucci bag, take 6 photos and send them to us via your Authenticate account.

Analysis of your Gucci photos

Our program compares your Gucci photos to millions of photos and then our experts confirm the analysis to issue a compliance notice for your Gucci bag.
Gucci conformity checker

Receive a certificate of compliance or non-compliance

Receive the result of your Gucci authentication in the form of a certificate of conformity or non-conformity. This official document will allow you to testify to the conformity of your Gucci bag.

Gucci Authentication Process

Human expertise and artificial intelligence to authenticate your Gucci bag

Our expertise
Our teams of analysts verify the presence of the know-how of Gucci employees and craftsmen, according to specific criteria. All details are examined such as labels, punches, seams, closures, materials, markings, codes and hologram stickers…
Artificial intelligence
The analysis of our teams is reinforced by our algorithms capable of analyzing the photos of your Gucci bag to issue a preliminary opinion of conformity.

Our customers trust us to authenticate their Gucci bags

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professionals and auction houses
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Our customers trust us to authenticate their Gucci bags

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professionals and auction houses
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Melody in St Maur des Fosses



Thank you very much to the team for allowing me to no longer have any doubts about this item purchased on the internet. I will appeal for reimbursement. Thank you for your expertise and efficiency!

On 02/02/2022

Ismahane in Bourg-de-Péage



I really do not regret having used I was able to get a refund for my purchase on the site (fortunately), and a big thank you to Madeleine for her patience and kindness.
I highly recommend Authenticate!

On 08/30/2022

Gucci conformity checker

Gucci Authentication

frequently asked Questions

Our R&D analysis departmentauthentication pictures of second-hand products from the Gucci brand concerns all the brand's bags and suitcases as well as scarves, scarves, belts, Gucci shoes, small leather goods, Gucci purses and Gucci fashion jewellery.

If you have the accessory in question, all you have to do is take 6 quality photos showing the details, finishes, seams, signatures in an obvious way (from all angles) and submit them in our conformity checker.

If you do not yet have the Gucci item (you are about to buy), please submit the ads to us. We will then analyze them using the same principle (artificial intelligence combined with human analysis).

By using our imaging and artificial intelligence laboratory approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation, we are able to verify the Gucci bag compliance that you want to acquire by analyzing the seller's ad.

We make a complete analysis of the announcement and the conformity of the article according to the photos present and/or absent but also with the relevance of the description written by the advertiser. Finally, we send you a notice to allow you to position yourself and negotiate with the seller in full knowledge of the facts.

Once purchased, upon receipt of your package, you will send us your own photos to check if they correspond to that of the ad and confirm the conformity of your purchase. Thus, you will obtain a certificate of conformity or, if applicable, of non-compliance, in order to be able to return your purchase or be reimbursed by PayPal.

To be sure of theauthenticity of a Gucci item, it is advisable to go to the Gucci website or to one of their stores to make your purchases.

Buying without being accompanied on a site or a second-hand shop involves a significant risk.

Our compliance analysis service is suitable for this situation. It aims to prevent you from having bad experiences with counterfeits. In particular, it will demonstrate your intention not to want to buy a counterfeit and your respect for your favorite brand.

For recognize an authentic Gucci bag, call on a service ofGucci authentication approved. Authenticate accompanies you before, during and after the purchase to avoid the pitfalls of counterfeits. We analyze each Gucci bag with precision to detect signs of conformity with the craftsmanship of the Gucci house.

Check the authenticity of your Gucci bag bought second hand online or in a third party shop with our compliance checker. Following the analysis of your item, you will receive a certificate of conformity for your Gucci bag proving your good faith and the authenticity of your luxury bag. Various authentication packages are available depending on the desired response time and the number of luxury leather goods to be scanned.