The PayPal Guarantee

Authentifier certificates recognized by PayPal

How to get reimbursed
by PayPal?

PayPal is a world-famous online payment method offered on many e-commerce sites. PayPal offers to secure your purchases, particularly in the context of the fight against counterfeiting.

Whether it is a purchase of second-hand luxury items or new items, too many counterfeits are sold every day on the Web to your detriment. However, there are ways to get reimbursed!

Fight against

If you think you bought a counterfeit item, and you paid for it with PayPal, you can request a refund.

Give weight
to your complaint

Our services carry out an analysis on photos and provide you with a certificate allowing you to obtain reimbursement of your purchase.

your good faith

All you have to do is make an analysis request and tell us your claim number. We will send your certificate directly to PayPal.

Authenticate your second-hand luxury item purchased with PayPal

You have done thebuying a second-hand luxury item online and you realize that you have inadvertently been the victim of a counterfeit? Barely a few days worn on your shoulder, the materials are crumbling, the seams are weakened, the clasp is breaking or you just have a suspicion when seeing the item in the physical world rather than from the photos of the initial announcement? Do not remain alone in the face of doubt and use the authentication services of an accredited laboratory as Authentifier. Our seasoned team of analysts apply their expertise and use artificial intelligence to verify the conformity of your luxury item, whether it is a Herm├Ęs bag, Gucci, Chanel, a Montblanc watch, a Dior scarf, Prada glasses or fifty other renowned brands.

Thanks to our authentication laboratory approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation, we have helped more than 600,000 individuals to check the conformity of their luxury items in order to assert their good faith and accompany them in thegetting a refund of a counterfeit purchased through PayPal. The certificate of conformity that we issue to you following an in-depth analysis offers you peace of mind and the assurance of having in your hands an authentic collector's item. Where appropriate, indications of a counterfeit product giving rise to a notice of non-compliance, you can rightly ask for a refund. Authenticate your second-hand luxury item purchased with PayPal with our compliance checker or get assist with purchase before making a decision to avoid disappointment. 

Facilitate the PayPal refund of your counterfeit item thanks to Authentifier

Following the compliance analysis via the Authentifier compliance checker, you will know if your luxury item is authentic or if it is a counterfeit. Depending on the authentication pack chosen (from 2 to 6 items to authenticate, with a response time varying from 24 to 72 hours), the authentication process for your luxury item purchased with PayPal will start and take place 100% online , respecting your time and your budget. Thanks to the PayPal Buyer Guarantee, you will be able to deposit a complaint for non-conforming object. If thecertificate Authentifier is not necessary to obtain a refund from PayPal which protects buyers, it is however an essential ally to give weight to your complaint. 

PayPal is indeed a widely recognized and globally used online payment method. It is offered on many e-commerce sites and offers protection to secure your purchases. In addition, PayPal openly fights against counterfeiting. Because, it is unfortunately common to come across counterfeits online, whether for luxury items sold second-hand or sold in "new" condition. By using PayPal to make your purchases online, you benefit from the precious PayPal buyer protection. If you receive a luxury item that doesn't match the listing description, is damaged, or is actually a counterfeit, you can report the issue to PayPal and request a refund. In addition, in order to avoid the risk of fraud, PayPal uses advanced encryption technology to protect your transactions against counterfeits and online scams.