Shooting tips

How to take 6 photos of the article to analyze?

Take at least 6 photos of your article

In order to carry out the expertise, you must take at least 6 photos of your article. Choose photos that identify as many details as possible.

Preferably choose a photo quality not exceeding 2MB. This will reduce transfer time.

Example of shots for a bag

  • Front face
  • Back side
  • Side views
  • The ends of the closing zips
  • The clevises of the handles in the raised then lowered position
  • The inside of the pockets
  • The brand and 'made in..' markings
  • The inner and outer high edges
  • The bottom of the bag at an angle
  • The chrono number if there is one and if you have found it
  • The jewelery of the bag

In case of missing or low quality photos

If the photos sent are not sufficient to analyze your accessory, we will then contact you to obtain additional photos. So you can start the analysis process with peace of mind.