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Our experience in the field

Our company provides a secure authentication service that customers can rely on. Our team of experts always deliver high quality work, striving for perfection in the field of authentication.

The ever-changing technology landscape

By investing in research and development, we improve our ability to assess the value of your used items.

Our Balenciaga customers trust us to authenticate their accessories

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Our Balenciaga customers trust us to authenticate their accessories

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professionals and auction houses
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Compliance Checker

frequently asked Questions

We specialize in authenticating all Balenciaga accessories, including second-hand ones. Our extensive service includes the analysis of bags, suitcases, small leather goods and handbags.

Please submit some photos of the Balenciaga accessory in question so that we can proceed with the analysis. 

If you have not purchased the item yet but plan to purchase it soon, please submit these photos to us. We will then analyze them using technological tools (artificial intelligence).

By checking with our imaging and artificial intelligence laboratory (authorized by the Ministry of Research and Innovation), we can confirm that the Balenciaga bag you wish to buy is authentic.

We check the conformity of the advertisement and the article, examine the relevance of the description of the advertiser and take into account the current or missing photos. Finally, we provide an assessment so you can trade with confidence.

Once you have made your purchase, you will need to send us photos to confirm they match the advert. We will then send you a certificate of compliance or non-compliance. In the event that you encounter any problems with your product, you can return it or be reimbursed by PayPal.

With our compliance analysis service, you can avoid being scammed when buying second-hand items. We provide authentication to ensure the item is genuine and to prevent you from having a bad experience. By buying only authentic items, you respect your favorite brand.

If you doubt the legitimacy of an invoice or certificate from a luxury store, we recommend that you use an external authentication service. Our company has been authenticating all Balenciaga brand accessories for several years, so be sure that our analysts will help you in this process.