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Dior, we love it

Since its creation in 1947 by Christian Dior, the eponymous house has launched itself so early in fashion and haute couture. 

This creation was possible thanks to the impetus of the "Trimard of the fabric", Marcel Boussac, who gave all his confidence to the couturier, by investing 60 million francs and allowing the fashion house to be in his name. 

His initial patronage paid off. Whereas at the time, three meters of fabric was enough to make a dress, now it takes twenty to create a Christian Dior dress.

The famous Dior silhouette

From his first collection, the “corolle” line, he created a new trend that would be called the “New look”. The New Look is characterized by a very marked waist and round shoulders. Thanks to the Dior silhouette, it achieved worldwide success. With this collection, we are also witnessing the birth of a new woman, to whom he restores the desire to please, to suggest desire.
He even pushes his genius to dare to go out of fashion himself to surprise. Its “green bean” line is the perfect symbol of this.

A dazzling success

A visionary, he left for the United States to conquer this booming market less than a year after the launch of his first collection. He became the couturier of the stars after being the first to organize parades on a planetary scale and to use radios among other things.

He is also the one who brought the notions and images linked to luxury back to center stage after a long period of insecurity and anguish. In 1957, his house provided more than half of French couture exports and its activities were extended to fifteen countries in less than eleven years.

Talented successors at the helm

As early as 1947, the visionary French couturier made a risky but winning bet by launching his fashion house and his first collection, as well as a parallel perfume company whose first fragrance was called Miss Dior. For him, perfume “is the essential complement to the feminine personality, it is the final touch of a dress. Since then, his successors have never ceased to ensure scrupulous respect for the traditions of elegance of the master. His first successor, Yves Saint-Laurent, experienced a real triumph with his first collection in the 1950s. When he left in 1960, Marc Bohan took over full responsibility for the artistic direction until 1989. 'in the end to the work of brand designer. Just like Gianfranco Ferré, who takes over with an equal sense of architecture and original flamboyance.
The 1990s were synonymous with organizational changes for the prestigious house, when it came under the control of luxury magna Bernard Arnault. The president of the LVMH group is the driving force behind the reunification of perfumes and couture, separated since 1968. He is also the one who will choose John Galliano to give Dior punch and visibility again, in 1996.
Mission accomplished because the provocative and unpredictable Brit makes his fashion shows unmissable. He is also the one who makes the accessory a fundamental component.
The current strength of Dior is unquestionably the creation and diversity of its creators. Victoire de Castellane manages the jewelry business, while Hedi Slimane takes on more and more importance in the management of the men's line commonly called "Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane", by including with strength and talent ready-to-wear lines. wear and a whole line of trendy accessories that are selling well. Since 2008, the Dior Homme line has been headed by Kris Van Assche.
The recipes that have made the success and are currently making the success of the Christian Dior house are very characteristic of the luxury sector: creativity bordering on excess, quality, passion, innovation, culture, notion of dreams and artistic sensitivity.

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