Official sites: 6 tips for recognizing them

Some counterfeit sites look like two drops of water to the official sites of major brands. When you type the keywords of the brand of your choice on the search engines, the first proposals are not always the best… 

So, before buying, pay attention to all the details!

1 - Spelling and syntax

Counterfeit sites often contain a lot of spelling and syntax errors, similar to emails containing scams. A site with several faults should immediately alert you!

2 - Attractive prices

Items sold off are mostly counterfeits. So check the current value of the authentic object, in store for example.

3 - General Conditions of Sale

The official sites of major brands contain "General Conditions of Sale" (GTC).
They are usually found at the bottom of the page, and provide valuable information on prices, delivery, products and origin.

4 - Contact area

The official sites of major brands have a contact area. You can contact them for any questions or information. It is also an effective way to ask them to prove that it is indeed an official site.

5 - Verification

ask to to check for you.
Go to the “contact” section of the website. In this space, provide the address of the website you doubt, or simply ask for the address of the home site you want to surf and shop safely!

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