How do you know if a Michael Kors bag is authentic?

Recognize a real Michael Kors bag

The purchase of a luxury leather goods item makes you dream, but you do not have the budget to acquire a new Michael Kors bag or you simply want to give a second life to an authentic second-hand Michael Kors bag? ?
The Authentifier brand item authentication service is responsible for verifying the compliance of advertisements as part of purchase support, or authenticating your Michael Kors bag after purchase. So you can make an informed purchase or make sure you have a real Michael Kors bag in your hands.
We are going to explain to you how to recognize an authentic Michael Kors bag. To this end, we will therefore answer the question: how to recognize a real Michael Kors bag from a fake??

How to recognize authentic Michael Kors bags?

American brand of international renown, since the 80s Michael Kors has been designing clothes and fashion accessories to dress the daily lives of women and men with timeless chic.
In the collection of authentic Michael Kors bags, there are shoulder bags, satchels, belt bags, mini bags, backpacks, suitcases and travel bags?

It can be complex to recognize an authentic Michael Kors bag, so do not hesitate to use a compliance checker.
There are indeed Michael Kors bags for various occasions and a varied clientele (everyday, high-end sport, travel, jet set?). Each luxury item goes with what you wear depending on the model of Michael Kors bag you choose and its base color.

Recognize the details of a real Michael Kors bag

Depending on whether it is worn over the shoulder, carried on the shoulder, carried by hand, large, in mini format? the Michael Kors bag can have exterior details on its back and front pockets, a central zipped compartment, a padded compartment to protect electronic devices, be in 100 % leather or another material?
It can also be Michael Kors suitcases in logo-printed canvas, with a compartmentalized interior to simplify the daily life of the traveler, and 360° swivel wheels for easy transport.

Only a large expertise of the know-how of the house of Michael Kors allows you to recognize the details of an authentic Michael Kors bag. The trained eye of Authentifier analysts will know how to check the conformity of your second-hand Michael Kors bag.

How to distinguish a Michael Kors bag from a counterfeit??

However, how recognize an authentic Michael Kors bag and distinguish it from a counterfeit when you do not buy it in a store or on the brand's official website??
In order not to be a victim of counterfeiting, do not hesitate to call on a recognized service of authenticity verification luxury leather goods, such as Authentifier.  
Authentifier puts the expertise of its analysis laboratory approved by the Ministry of Research and Innovation at your service. You will be able check the authenticity of your Michael Kors bag easily via an online service that analyzes the conformity of your luxury item and issues you a certificate of conformity.

The process is as follows, you have in your possession a second-hand Michael Kors bag bought on a second-hand site, through a classified ad or in a store that is not affiliated with the brand?? In this case, you will have to take several photos of your Michael Kors bag (different points of view, front, side, back, and in particular details such as a zipper, a logo, a marking?). This can be done from a simple smartphone, as long as the photos are of sufficient quality to allow the verification system to launch the authentication procedure for your Michael Kors bag.
Various shooting tips to analyze authenticity of a luxury leather goods item are available on our website.

Check the authenticity of your Michael Kors bag

Thanks to artificial intelligence and the algorithms that our analysts have put in place with AI, the photos of your Michael Kors bag will be compared to millions of images representing Michael Kors fashion accessories, in order to highlight the compliance and non-compliance indices.
Once the analysis is done, you will get a nominative certificate of conformity attesting to your good faith in purchasing an authentic Michael Kors bag.

If applicable, when the compliance verification analysis of your Michael Kors bag reveals a counterfeit, in this case the non-compliance certificate will be used to challenge the online sale and obtain a refund from PayPal under certain conditions.
With expertise in the authentication of around fifty brands of luxury leather goods including Michael Kors, Authentifier?s analyst team will help you quickly recognize a real Michael Kors bag from a fake, for your greatest satisfaction.

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